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This is a little personal project that I started years ago but never really finished. Recently, I was deeply moved by two books about Bosnia and identity, which inspired me to take up my project again. I want to document stories (through interviews) and images of my family and my origins, the war that spread us all over the globe and the memories that are still alive. 

Most of these photos were taken in 2009 when I visited my grandparents in their village in Bosnia - they are some of the only relatives who have returned to Bosnia after the war. Their tiny village, inhabited by a few remaining elderly people, is dotted with ruined houses and big empty fields. 

In 2016 my grandfather passed away. The photo from Sarajevo was taken after I went to his funeral. It was my first time in Sarajevo. This bittersweet last trip to Bosnia meant farewell to my grandfather but also a visit to a multicultural, open-minded city that is healing and leaving the hatred behind. December 2020 marks 25 years since the end of the war. 

(January 2021)

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